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Who is Bethany Martin? Texas Teen Arrested After Snapchat Video Showed Her Stealing Necklace From CORPSE


Netizens are infuriated after a teenager reportedly stole a necklace from a corpse. It might appear surprising but the said teenager was not just involved in the theft but she also made a video and uploaded it on Snapchat. The girl was identified as Bethany Martin who belongs to Texas. According to the police, Bethany and her friend recovered a dead body earlier this month.  It was found in a drainage ditch which is in Southwest Bexar County located in Texas. The teenage duo noticed the necklace on the body and found it their type.


According to Bexar County Sheriff’s office, Bethany’s friend took the necklace off the body and continued to shoot the video and eventually posted it on Snapchat. The incident has caused the underaged girls a big-time as they have gotten charged with theft to a dead body or grave. An arrest warrant has also been issued by the officials while it is stated that Bethany Martin aged 17 with her 16-year-old friend discovered the body in Southwest Bexar County on Monday morning. The location is near the crossing of Charismatic & Sunday Song. Further, the investigators told that the girls had called another friend.

It is reported that the friend arrived and immediately informed the authorities about the dead body. The officials received footage of the girls stealing the necklace from the corpse on Tuesday. The footage was sent anonymously so the identity of the sender is hidden. The first video shows the girls around the man’s body while another video shows Bethany taking off the necklace and medallion from the corpse’s neck. The BSCO investigator wh had witnessed the entire scene recognised the girls’ faces after seeing the said footage. After that, Bethany was interrogated where she revealed that her friend liked the pendant.

However, another 16-years-old girl who was with Bethany had returned the necklace to the authorities who have given it to the family. Being a juvenile, her name has not been disclosed. Martin was arrested on Tuesday while her bail was set at $2,000. Presently, she has been released while her friend was also charged with theft.  Besides, the dead body has gotten identified and as per reports, it is of a 25-years-old man named Marcus Adams who died by hanging. His family even created a GoFundMe page to collect donations so that they can bear the expenses of his funeral. So far, $9,000 has gotten raised.


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