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Who Is BJ Brown? Blue Alert Issued for Erin Police Officer-Shooting Suspect Mugshot Images


One of the reputed and quick police departments The Tennesse Bureau of Investigation recently announced a Blue Alert for a 32 years old man named BJ Brown. The 32 years old was chased by the police for multiple serious crimes including the murder of a police officer of TBI. He is a fugitive and wanted by the police department. The investigation team left no stone unturned in hunting the eminent criminal. The Blue Alert against BJ Brown circulated all over the social media and they are trying to fetch more details about him. Get more information on who is shooting suspect BJ Brown.

BJ Brown Erin Police Officer-Shooting

According to the reports, BJ Brown is charged with the murder case of a TBI police officer wherein he is alleged with the second-degree murder charges and wanted by Erin Police Department. Along with that, he is also wanted for a second-degree murder executed in Louisiana. The information has been released by the New Orleans Police Department that disclosed Brown alleged the charges of a woman who used to reside downtown located in New Orleans. The horrific incident took place in the early hours of Monday.

The police department urged citizens if they spotted it anywhere so, directly contact the police department and don’t to even think to try to captivate the dreaded criminal as he is strongly assumed to be armed and jeopardized. The Police department is making supreme efforts to find out the killer of various decent lives. The investigation team has informed the general public through multiple modes of information including social media, media organizations, local newspapers and much more. Well, there isn’t much available on the culprit, the police officers are also taking assistance from various sources to chase Brown.

Well, this is not the first time when such a kind of culprit disturbed law and order and became a difficulty for the law authorities. Before BJ Brown another dreaded criminal named Samuel Edwards created a ruckus in town and even killed the people. The 34-year-old culprit was accused of shooting charges at a Hendersonville police officer.

The entire incident took place in the late hours of Monday and at the time he was getting chased by the police officer for another crime committed by him. The police officers are burning the midnight oil to catch the criminals. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast for further updates.


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