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Who Is Bo Mercer? Rape Allegations Against TikToker Bowie Mercer Explained


These days, plenty of shocking cases regarding TikTok have come to the fore which becomes a subject of discussion among the users. Something similar has Happened with BO Mercer aka Bowie Mercer when he was being accused of being a rapist. Ever since the news took place a sensation surrounded social media, because he is a quite popular face and has millions of followers. So whenever such news regarding the popular face takes place user’s curiosity gets increased to know comprehensively about the viral face. Get to know more check the details below along with the whole truth behind the case.

bowie mercer

As per the exclusive reports and sources, Bo aka Bowie Mercer is denying being a rapist recently he is going through allegations that he raped a person in the past. Bo Mercer’s accusations arrived into the limelight after a TikTok user named @tiltedceiling appeared as an alleged victim. It is being said, that the username @tiltedceiling shared a post along with a caption, “My rapist is going to be on a national TV I’m so frustrated and tired”. As soon as her post went viral user asks her the name of her rapist and she dropped Bo Mercer’s name.

When it comes to the essential details of Bo Mercer, so he is a quite famous personality on TikTok and uncounted people loved to watch hic content-rich videos. More than 1.8 million people followed him on the platform, and the most attractive thing about him is that he is an owner of the angelic voice and has showered. But as soon as he got accused by that girl, numerous people started sending him hatred messages in a huge quantity. Uncounted people were slamming him because still, no one is aware of  the truth behind the accusations.

It is being said that his exact age did not reveal yet but he seems 15-20 and if sources are to be believed, so he was in a relationship with the alleged victim when he was 14-years-old. Further, he said that at that time, he was very immature and did not have any perspective towards right and wrong things. He has deactivated his Instagram account after the incident because he was unable to handle hate comments hence, he had to log out his Instagram accounts. Even he does not have a Wikipedia as well and therefore a little information about him is yet to be revealed.


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