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Who Is Brandon Morrissette? 18-year-old West Geauga High School Student Charged


We are here again to give you news and updates from all corners of the world. Today we are talking about the incident which happened in the West Geauga school. A student brought a gun to west guga high school. This incident happened on 3 April 2023, Monday. This news getting viral and people are curious to know how he can bring a gun into the school and what about the school safety system. what exactly happened at West Guega high school? we will give you all details about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Who Is Brandon Morrissette

This incident happened at the West Guega High School. An 18 years old Ohio high school student was charged for the brought a gun into school and attempting a murder. The West Geauga high school is in Chesterland, Ohio. He was also charged with persuading anxiety and domination of a deadly weapon in a school. This boy’s name is Brandon Morrissey he is 18 years old. According to the officials of the Chester Township Police Department, Chief Chirag said that he was planning to hurt students. He admitted that he acknowledged the firearm seized by law enforcement on Monday was the weapon he intended to use to wreak that harm.

Who Is Brandon Morrissette?

On Wednesday Geauga officials revealed during a press conference that the 17-year-old high school student went into solitary at about 9.30 am on Monday after he found the bullet in the restroom and told a staff member. When the bullet was found 20 students had been in the men’s restroom. this is recorded by the surveillance camera. They found the unloaded 9 mm handgun and three loaded and big knife in his books. The school did not go into solitary quickly they justified their actions by saying that they prevented the young students from panicking.

The school closed on Tuesday to allow law enforcement to investigate the incident. As we can see how this happened in the school and the school did not take any action quickly. This incident raising t An objection to the school safety system how can parents send their children to school if they also can safe their? One of the things that school districts have to understand and remember is that it can happen anywhere. The vigilance of students and staff is critically important. That was a vital element in why this had the good ending it had. for more updates please stay tuned with us.


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