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Who Is Bree Tomasel Mother? Check Is She Dead Or Alive? New Zealand Radio Host recalls the tragedy in his family


Currently, social media is flooded with the death rumors of Bree Tomasel’s mother. It has been stated that she has passed away and has left her well-wishers and loved ones in profound grief. While many have believed the news, many seemed to question its reliability. It has resulted in the internet getting confused about her well-being. Due to this reason, “Is Bree’s mother dead or alive” started trending on the internet. Everyone wanted to know whether something happened to her or if she is fine. Let us find out the details of the matter in the article below.

Bree Tomasel mother

As per reports, the allegations about Bree Tomasel’s mother’s demise are untrue as she is still alive. Thus, the rumors surfacing around the internet are just baseless. On January 3, 1989, Tomasel was born in Australia to Australian parents. She is a well-known Australian radio host who also produces movies. For the ZM station in New Zealand, she is currently the host of a national radio program.

Bree also belongs to Radio Host, and the public is best familiar with her through her work as the host of several shows on the New South Wales central coast. According to our most recent database, she is still alive. Rumors about Bree Tomsael’s mother’s demise are unfounded, and she is happy to live with her daughter. However, we discovered that Bree’s mother is a huge fan of ED Sheeran and that he is her mother’s preferred musician.

Bree made a video in response to her radio interview with Ed Sheeran on November 4, 2021. Bree also seems to be extremely close to her mother and to only have one favorite person in the world, according to her Facebook and Instagram posts. She and her mother routinely upload reels and prank videos to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Bree also uses social media so frequently that even if her mother weren’t living, she might have posted something.

She had not mentioned her mother’s passing on social media as of July 27, 2022. Bree Tomasel has not made the news of the family tragedy public; otherwise, she might have concealed it. However, judging from her most recent Facebook post, she seems happy and to be having a good life. Bree shared the results of the 2022 Radio Awards on her Facebook page. Bree and her mother seem to be enjoying Bree and their lives. They have a healthy net worth, seem well-off, and lead wealthy lives.


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