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Who is Caitlin Jensen? How Did She End Up Paralyzed Check What Happened To Her?


After receiving chiropractic care on June 16, 2022, Georgia Southern University alumna Caitlin Jensen, age 28, became paralyzed. According to reports, Jensen’s arteries were cut during the chiropractic adjustments, which led to his paralysis. A GoFundMe page created to collect money for Jensen’s medical costs has already surpassed its $61,000 fundraising target. Over 1200 donations have been sent to the page by the 28-year-well-wishers, old’s both known and unknown. The most current updates from the fundraiser state that Jensen can only speak by blinking her eyes. Although the rest of her body is entirely paralyzed, she can wiggle her toes.

Caitlin Jensen

Caitlin Jensen “graduated from Georgia Southern University this May with a degree in Chemistry and Biology,” according to the GoFundMe page Linda Foster set up on June 22. In Savannah, Georgia’s Memorial Hospital, the neurosurgical ICU, she is currently there. Caitin will likely need time to recover, and she will want financial assistance to get her through this dreadful experience. According to the accounts, Jensen received a chiropractic adjustment from an unnamed clinic to treat her neck problems, which tragically resulted in the rupture of four nearby arteries.

The young college graduate suffered a heart arrest as a result of this. The Georgia Southern University alumna was transported to a hospital as the chiropractor dialed for emergency authorities. But the 28-year-old experienced a stroke, as was previously revealed. Caitlin Jensen had a “lack of pulse for over 10 minutes after which she was resurrected,” according to the fundraiser’s page. Jensen was taken into emergency surgery at that moment, where physicians were able to stabilize her.

According to reports, some of the arterial damage was mended, and the doctors chose to place a stent in one of the four severed arteries. Jensen’s life was saved, but the trauma to her neck and head left her paralyzed. The family accuses the chiropractor of causing the injury, according to the Daily Mail UK. According to the publication, Caitlin Jensen will soon be released from the hospital and transferred to Shepherd Center, a rehab facility in Atlanta, where she will heal.

According to a current update from the fundraiser’s coordinator Linda Foster, Jensen experienced significant pain on Wednesday, July 13 in her neck and the back of her brain. The report also indicated that Caitlin Jensen’s medical testing had been delayed because the facility’s personnel was overburdened with multiple trauma cases. Jensen should quickly recover with the right therapy and rehab. Follow for more updates.


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