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Who Is Caliber Visuals? Freelance Photographer Robbed & Beaten In Seattle Watch Video Footage


A 22-year-old photographer who does freelancing has been brutally mugged up by an unknown individual when the photographer was passing from his way. The incident happened in Seattle on July 31st. The 22 years old man who works with the name Caliber Visuals was walking in the city as he was on his way to visit one of his friends at the time of being beaten by a stranger. What happened to him? Who beat him? Well, there are many questions popping in your brain and you will get to know about everything so be here till the end.

caliber visuals

The entire scene was captured into surveillance where you can watch that how the accused came closer to victim. The accused has seen wearing an orange t-shirt and he comes near him and shakes his hand during which he says something to Caliber but when he denies so first the accused shoves him off on the floor and starts kicking on his head and snatching his stuff. However, it has not revealed who was the man, did this shameful act. In the video, you can see that how brutally he kicks on his head unless he goes out of his senses, and once he faints, the stranger or better say the criminal grab everything from Caliber’s hand such as mobile phone and money e.t.c.

The assault on this freelancer photographer is just a small piece of the skyrocketing crime wave in the entire US. These kinds of cases are just on its peak in the country and this is showing that how dangerous it can be if you are wandering alone in the street of US. Well, this is not the first time as you all know in the early of July another man named Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was stabbed brutally in a speculated hate crime in Boston but with god grace, he survived the circumstances and is fine now. In the same month, NFL superstar Richard Sherman was nabbed in Seattle allegedly for a robbery and domestic violence. Another shocking crime took place when a driver of Uber Eats named Mohammed Anwar was killed mercilessly by two teenager girls while carjacking.

Talking about Caliber so as per the all latest reports his real identity has not been revealed yet but we are trying our best to let you know more about him. Hit the comment box and share you opinion on the height of crime in country. Stay tuned with us for more news.


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