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Who Is Chunli Zhao? Suspect of Fatal Shooting & Killing 7 People In Coastal Town South of San Francisco


There is shocking news coming forward that 7 people die and 1 is greatly injured in a fatal shooting in two places. This incident had taken place around a mile apart in the coastal city south of San Francisco and before the incident of the killing of 11 people in the Monterey Park mass shooting in southern California. There are so many who share their responses on this incident and raised various questions related to this shooting incident, so we are going to discuss the whole information related to this incident in this incident.

Suspect of Fatal Shooting & Killing 7 People In Coastal Town South of San Francisco

This shooting incident was done on Monday 23 January 2023 in two places one in Half Moon Bay, California, and the second place close to Highway 92 where several people were shot and seven people died and one is majorly injured in this shooting incident. As per the authorities, This incident was taken place at around 02:22 pm on San Mateo Road (SR-92) and the eight victims who got major injuries is transferred to Stanford Medical Center. Chunli Zhao a 67 years old person who is arrested as the prime suspect by the authorities. He is a resident of Half Moon Bay and he was founded at around 04:00 pm in his car in the parking area of the office substation of the sheriff in Half Moon Bay.

Chunli was taken under custody on the basis of being the suspect in this incident and he is cooperating with the police but not much information has been shared by the police. He was founded with a weapon in his vehicle and he is believed to have done this alone. He is said as a disgruntled farm worker and there is a video also available on the internet of his arrest. There is no information on his personal life and the investigation is continuing after the complete investigation police will share all the information related to this incident and after getting any news and information related to this incident we will update our article.

There are so many people giving tribute to those who died in this incident and expressing their sadness for them on Twitter. Lots of people share their condolences with their families at this saddest time of their family and loved ones. The investigation is ongoing and police continue is continues their service but why he killed them all is still unknown. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles related to the latest news and other news topics.


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