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Who Is Cleasel & What Is Her Tiktok Drama? Mallory Brand Video and Se*ual Assault Allegations


A name has started grabbing headlines post which a normal famous Tiktoker is getting fame across the globe. Yes, we are talking about Mallory Brand whose short video has been trending and circulating on social media. Well, you all must be keen to know that what she has done or what the controversy is all about so, shooting your curiosity down we would like to suggest you that be here till the last full stop and after reading this you will get to know about Cleasel TikTok drama.

Cleasel Tiktok Drama

Who Is Cleasel Tiktok?

First of all, you should know that what the drama is all about so, Cleasel TikTok drama is a series of short videos that all have been posted by a 22 years old STEM student named Claire McDonald. Well, Claire started to post her short videos on famous platforms named TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, and in the series she has shared so many videos of her daily life where she showcases herself facing day to day life problems and also some other problems that usually faced by a woman in the STEM branch by their male counterparts.  However, watching her videos can show you that how harsh her life is getting on the spot, and after her videos, many women have reached her just to thank her.

It has come into view that her account is kept going on the ban and sometimes or better say most of the time she has to take her video down as she has more than thousands of negative comments that she is provoking harassment, however, it has not been cleared that how her clips are provoking such things but as per her videos it came into view that she is also grabbing headlines because her account is diving on social media.

Mallory, a user said that Claire is just showcasing her fake stories and making her audience fool with her stories just because she wants the limelight in her life and the scariest thing is that she is not getting calm. Mallory in her recent Tiktok upload talked about the plane fare and the dress prices that she had to pay from her pocket. Stay tuned for more updates on her.


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