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Who Is Connor Sturgeon? Louisville Mass Shooter Connor Sturgeon Was Treated For Depression and Anxiety


New updates come related to the case of a Bank employee who was 25 years old and fired a gun in his own workplace where 5 people were killed and he also get shot and killed due to Engaging with a police officer. Nine people were also injured at that time. Yes, we are talking about Corrnor Sturgeon Who was 25 years old Bank employee. who fired the gun in his own workplace which cause trouble for everyone and five people were dead. To know more about this drag down the page and continue to read.

Who Is Connor Sturgeon?

This accident happened on Sunday morning at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky and this news got viral and become the headlines on every channel and site. A bank employee fired the gin in his own workplace of the bank which cause the death of 5 people and also he got shot. Nine others were harmed. He also wrote a note for their parents in which he wrote about bankruptcy. Corrnor also posts a story on Instagram before this incident happened in which he says let’s see how they can hear this voice. Now after this incident, he was getting viral again and new updates comes related to his mental health.

Who Is Connor Sturgeon?

Through the sources, we get to know that he was treated by a Physician for depression and anxiety but his family didn’t about this. According to the Corners family, they did not aware of what difficulties he had to face and had any anger issues. His family said that they did not aware of his anxiety and difficulties related to his work. They said they were not aware of his employment-related issue and that he lost his job and was in danger of losing his job. His family also told him that they are not a gun family and even not one gun in their house when he did purchase AR 15 we did not know even we get shocked also to hear the news that AR 15 belonged to him during the police investigations.

Some people are suspicious of Corrnor and his family and said that how he can fire a gun when he never learned to shoot. As the one of users said that these consequences do not come when any person is in anxiety and depressed. a user wrote. They sure seem to be pretty well-coached. From nerds to weapons experts overnight? I don’t care how depressed or anxious one is, not just anybody knows how to use those weapons. Another wrote It’s the mind-altering drugs! One tweeted, So if he was under the care of mental health professionals why did he have access to firearms? For more updates stay tuned with us.


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