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Who Is Craig Cope? 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Armed Robber With AR-15 Rifle


A weird incident took place at a liquor shop in California, the entire incident has been recorded in the video and generating buzz all over the Internet. The video is circulating all over the Internet and Interner users are eagerly searching for the video that captured the incident. Well, there are multiple netizens who get their hands on the video. While many are still curious to explore the content of the video. The video even made the liquor shop owner quite famous. Get more information on Who is Craig Cope and the reason for his popularity.

Who Is Craig Cope 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Armed Robber With AR-15 Rifle

According to the latest reports claimed by the law enforcement and the recorded footage the liquor shop owner identified as Craig Cope attacked a person he said that he assumed he was a robber. The shop owner fired a shotgun at the robber and blew the hand of the suspect. Cope said that the man was armed and didn’t enter the shop with good intentions so, she shows immense courage and fired at the suspect. She said ‘it was him or me’ during her statement with the law authority.

Who Is Craig Cope?

The news of the incident widely spread all over the Internet and some people are appreciating the courage of the woman. Whereas some other people are opposing the quick action of the old woman saying that she has to wait till she confirmed that the man came to harm her. On another hand, the old woman said that she did a lot of hunting she was a kid so she knows how to shoot. It is clear that she didn’t afraid a bit then the suspect and even blew the hands of the assumed suspect. The incident is getting analyzed by law enforcement.

Cope said that her client, employees, and shops are her responsibility and she always looks after all of them. She further said that she is quite fortunate that she is here when the suspect entered the shop otherwise she had to worry about her shop and employees. As we mentioned above the name of the old woman is Carge Cope and she is the owner of the liquor shop that released the entire information to the police official.

In addition to this, the 23 years old suspect was captured by the surveillance camera showing that he carried a rifle and was about to shoot. The culprit was admitted to the hospital after the gunshot injured his hand. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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