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Who is Dairo Antonio Usuga? Colombia’s Drug Kingpin Charges & Reports


In recent news, notorious Colombian trafficker Dairo Antonio Usuga has pleaded guilty to drug charges. Also known as Otoniel, the trafficker was arrested in his Colombia hideout in October 2021. He was extradited to the US in 2022 as there was a bounty fr information leading to his detention. Ever since the news broke out online, his name started trending on almost all social media platforms. Now, everyone seems to be curious to know any sort of details about him. Here, in this article, check out all the crucial information about Dairo.

Dairo Antonio Usuga

Reports suggest that the 51-year-old agreed to hand over around $216m in drug proceeds. It is coming forward that Dairo admitted to having led the Gulf Clan, a neo-paramilitary drug trafficking organization based in Antioquia, Colombia. He was wanted since 2011 for drug trafficking and multiple homicides as Colombian authorities had been searching for him. Let us add that when the US Department of State offered a $5 million reward for information, the search efforts intensified and it eventually lead to his arrest. As his search intensified, the officials even started offering $5 million to anyone who gives them any sort of information about him.

Who is Dairo Antonio Usuga?

Let us tell you that the Colombian government also offered an additional $800,000 bounty for his capture. Usuga was arrested from a hideout in Uraba, Antioquia in October 2021. Later, on May 4, he was extradited to the US. Born on September 15, 1971, in Necocli, Colombia, Dairo was raised in a peasant family. He joined the leftist paramilitary group when he was just 18. The group was involved in an insurgency against the Colombian government. After the Liberation Army signed a peace agreement, Usuga joined the United Self-Defences of Colombia. Now, it is coming forward that the government extradited Dairo to the United States.

As per reports, Usuga admitted in court that tons of cocaine was moved with his permission or at his direction and that there was a lot of violence by the guerillas and the criminal gangs in military work, homicides were committed. After he was arrested, he ordered his men to attack the cops. Brooklyn attorney Breon Peace released an official statement where he claimed that Usuga had become the largest cartel figure in Colombia. Needless to say, the man has become the subject of discussion among netizens ever since the matter broke on social media. Keep following Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news. Follow our site.


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