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Who Is Dan Sur? Rapper Goes Viral For Implanting Gold Chains In Scalp See Hair Chains Net Worth Bio Age


Nowadays, plenty of weird incidents are reported on social media that become the subject of discussion or hot topic among users. So as similar as the incident is reported where rising musician Dan Sur made everyone shocked due to his new look or hairdo, and his new look is grabbing the attention of the users. Rapper took the support of various social media platforms to show his new look, he implanted numerous golden locks instead of real hair. Ever since, he shared his photos with his new look everyone gets shocked because it seems a bit weird.

Who Is Dan Sur Rapper Goes Viral For Implanting Gold Chains In Scalp Hair Chains Net Worth Bio Age

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Dan Sur belongs to Mexico and well familiar personality, and before he retained his black dread long. So now the question is that what was the reason behind his step and why he chose to implant gold chains into his head, uncounted people are curious to get the comprehensive details. Because he grabbed everyone’s attention while taking such a look, as far as everyone has concerned that he seems a fond off for the different look. Because as he took this step to implant the gold chains instead of real hair so it seems a bit strange.

It is being said that the rapper unleashes the reason that he did not leave any stone unturned to get a gold chain into his head, because he is fond of it and he has also completed it. He got gold chains on every place of his head where his hair used to be because he wants to adopt new looks. Ever since he shared his pictures, the desire of people on social media to know about him is increasing, because in this way he is getting everyone’s attention. As soon as his pictures took place with his new look many people did not understand how he adopted such a look.

It is being reported, that Dan Sur is not just a gold chain tress but he is quite popular due to his massive jewelry collections, which seem extraordinary and attractive enough. He wears a bejeweled grill quite often and is spotted too in public places. First he took support of Tikok to make his fans and people to familiar with his new look because he has around 2 million followers on Tiktok. Later he came on various social media platforms and shared his photos and as soon as he shared public reactions started coming.


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