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Who Is Darren Bailey Wife Cindy Stortzum? Wiki Biography Age Instagram


Politician Darren Bailey is standing for election for Governor of Illinois. He has been in the news ever since the announcement. People are taking a lot of interest in him and are searching for some sort of information about him. Apart from him, everyone seems to be searching for his wife Cindy Stortzum too. The couple has become the subject of interest among many. Are you also keen to know about Darren and Cindy? Well, check out the article and get all the latest news and updates about them.

Who Is Darren Bailey Wife Cindy Stortzum

As mentioned, Darren Bailey is a Republican senator from Illinois’ fifty-fifth district. The American politician’s time interval as president reportedly began on January 13, 2021. Sources confirm that it will expire on January 11, 2023. So, Darren would be seen serving the position for another year. Before turning into a member of the Senate, the 109th District Representative represented Illinois throughout the Illinois House for a one-time interval. He also served on the North Clay School board for more than 17 years.

Darren served as a president for 12 years straight. Currently, Bailey is competing for the place of Illinois governor. It is expected that he will be up for election on June 28. In 1986, Darren Bailey married Cindy Stortzum. Even though many years have passed since them being married, they seem to be happy with one another. The couple shares four children and several grandchildren. Their family is undoubtedly an adorable one as they have been living happily for several years.

It is also said that the family is involved with a group or church. Christian Academy was also established by them in Louisville. Sources stated that Darren is a Rotarian, a Gideon, and a member of fairly a couple of different associations.¬†Although not much information about Darren Bailey’s wife has come forward yet, it is said that Cindy Stortzum appears to be in her 50s or 60s. Her real age seems to be unknown at this time. According to Darren, his wife celebrates her birthday on July 4 every year.

On another side, Darren’s real age is 56. He has been living with his family in Louisville, Illinois, throughout the United States. Talking about Darren’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 to $10 million. His current earnings and savings have not been made public yet. As mentioned, the politician is working for the governor of Illinois. Stay tuned with us and keep getting more such updates and news.


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