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Who Is David Jakubonis? Lee Zeldin Attack Suspect Is Reported Iraq War Vet Wiki Biography Images


The accused attacker of New York Gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin has been revealed by the authorities. The attacker has been identified as David Jakubonis. According to the reports, New York Gubernatorial Candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event. The accused has been identified as 43 years old David Jakubonis.

 David Jakubonis

Reports have claimed that David Jakubonis is a veteran soldier from Iraq War. The Republican party candidate was competing against the state’s governor from the Democratic party Kathy Hochul. Lee Zeldin was standing and giving a speech in the upstate town of Fairport when a man came out of sudden he allegedly tried to stab him. Although, Lee Zelden was unharmed in this deadly attack by David Jakubonis. The attack flabbergasted everyone present there. The attack was very harrowing for everyone. Reports have claimed that the attacker came out of nowhere and tried to stab the popular leader in front of everyone.

David Jakubonis was detained by the police officials and now the reports have claimed that he has been charged with attempted assault in the second degree. A video of this brutal attack was massively viral on social media. This incident massively terrified everyone. Everyone present there was massively saddened and shattered upon witnessing this deadly and vicious attack. Now the latest reports have stated that the accused David Jakubonis is a veteran of Iraq. His LinkedIn profile has stated that he is currently jobless and is looking for a job.

The news about the attack on Republican Candidate Lee Zeldin was massively viral all across. The news created a lot of headlines and buzzes all across. The video of this incident was also viral on social media. Netizens from all across the country shared their views ans opinions on this deadly and vicious attack on a reputed politician. Although, according to the reports republican party condemned this act of violence against one of its reputed and respectable politicians. The crime rate in America is massively increasing and it’s touching record height. If the prominent political personalities are at such risk then just imagine the state of a common citizen of America. The authorities should now come out and take some proper steps to stop these increasing violence tolls in America. The leaders who are in the offices must be implementing serious actions for safeguarding the innocent citizens who have voted for them for their betterment. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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