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Who is Debbie Lorenzo? All About The EX-Wife Of Irv Gotti


Murder Inc. Records CEO and famous music producer named Irv Gotti sparked outrage for his relationship with R&B singer Ashanti. The entire incident took place on 23rd 2022 when 52 years Gotti remembered his relationship with the musician two decades back when he started his relationship with the singer. Gotti released the information on the third episode of The Murder Inc. Story docuseries wherein he disclosed how he met and in what circumstances the couple decided to divide their path. Irv Gotti also disclosed some more things related to them unaware that his story will lead a controversy. Get more information on Who is Debbie Lorenzo facing criticism for the predatory Ashanti relationship.

Who is Debbie Lorenzo

As we mentioned above that all the things have been revealed during the third episode of The Murder Inc. Story. For all the unversed, The Murder Inc. is a television show that covered the story of some significant personalities. This is the first ongoing season of the show collecting enormous attention after its third episode titled ‘The Fool’ aired on the channel. The show covered the story of popular producer Itv music producer Irv Gotti and his relationship with R&B Ashanti.

One of his statements revealed that he got divorced from his wife at the time and he was on his own. He further says that at the time he met Ashanti who used to come studio often and they became good friends. He continuously narrates his story and says that the singer would turn up at the studio in “Juicy Sweats”. The producer also disclosed when he told her that one day he would take her home. He also described when he kissed her for the first time. He went with the flow while narrating the situation and grasped the attention of netizens.

All these incidents ensued around 20 years ago but the producer Irv Gotti is facing backlash for narrating his story. Some Internet consumers even tagged the action as being predatory in nature. In addition to this, the duo started dating in the early 2000s, however, the producer was still married to his former wife named Debbie Lorenzo.

Apart from this, Gotti’s wife disclosed that her husband cheated on her multiple times anytime he was away from home. She further informed that she has three children with the producer including Angie, Sonny, and Jonathan. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest entertainment updates.


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