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Who Is Dylan Zippe? TikTok Star Is He Arrested? Wiki Girlfriend Bio Age Instagram


Hello, all the peers, another Tik Tok star is collecting headlines for an immensely serious matter. Well, One of the most famous Social Media Stars Dylan Zippe is smashing the headlines throughout after he was accused of some serious allegations. According to the latest reports, Dylan Zippe well known as Tik Tok star and a content creator is alleged for being a paedophile. A paedophile person is sexually attracted to children. After the news got viral over the internet similar questions have been raised by a zillion of his follower and the rest of the people who are asking if the allegations have been proved or Dylan Zippe is arrested.

dylan zippe

Dylan Zippie is considered a famous Tik Tok star well known for her lip-sync and lifestyle videos posted on his Tik Tok account. He fetched a vast number of followers through his videos. But after the allegation, his Tik Tok account has been removed by authorization. His account had around 80K followers after the controversy many people are trying to make a fake account of his name, but as the matter of fact, his real account was removed from the platform.

Who Is Dylan Zippe

Besides, Dylan Zippie hasn’t broken his silence after the allegation, he doesn’t even active on any of his social media account. Zippie hasn’t made any kind of statement on the entire controversy. He is currently 18 years of his age and accumulated an immense fan base across the world at such a young age, but now he seems in a big and controversial complication. However, the allegation hasn’t been proved yet, but neither disprove completely. It has been confirmed Pedo was texting a 13-year-old girl through one of his videos on his account. Along with there is a video on YouTube assuring that the Social Media star is a paedophile.

There are only a few pieces of evidence that proving him being a paedophile and that can be baseless at any moment. As we informed above that his Tik Tok account was removed and a number of YouTube channels are supporting the allegations, but it hasn’t been confirmed by any authentic report so far. There is a number of sources that are still maintaining their silence on the entire controversy.

As of now Dylan Zippe is free and isn’t arrested. He made his TikTk account in summer 2020 usually post Lip-sync videos and within a year he raked 80K followers. We will get back to you with all the unavailable information. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further information and the latest worldwide updates.



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