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Who Is Edgardo Diaz? Ricky Martin’s Ex Bandmates From Menudo Detail Abuse In Documentary


You all must have heard the name of the popular music band Menudo. The Menudo band was one of the most popular bands of young boys in the 1970s. The popular band was created by the Popular Edgardo Diaz. The group included 40 more members. Ricky Martin too was a member of this band. Lately, the name Menudo is again in the buzzes and people are talking about it on social, so in today’s episode, we will tell you all about the band and why this veteran Band is being buzzed lately.

Who Is Edgardo Diaz Ricky Martin's Ex Bandmates From Menudo Detail Abuse In Documentary

HBO Max has recently released a docuseries on 23 June named Menudo. The docuseries is being divided into 4 parts. The series is telling about the history and every detail of the group. The series is showing all the details about the band and all the bandmates. The series has also shed light on some horrendous allegations of Sexual abuse. A bandmate named Angelo Garcia revealed the sexual abuse that he suffered during his time in Menudo. Garcia stated that he joined the band when he was 11 years old.

Who Is Edgardo Diaz?

Garcia stated that once, he was in a hotel room, where he was given alcohol by an undisclosed man. He told that he was raped when while he passed after he was given alcohol. Garcia stated that when he woke up, he saw himself lying there naked and bleeding. He then realized that he was abused. Garcia also that during his time in the Menudo band he was raped multiple times. He also stated that he was raped by the same undisclosed man. In the Menudo band, only young boys were members.

Members of the band were young boys, and when those young boys used to hit puberty around 16 years of age, they were replaced by the new young boys. Popular Media house New York Post has stated that many other members of the group have stated that they had been raped and sexually abused during their time on the Menudo band. Most of the accused were tortured and under very strict rules. They also accused Edgardo Diaz was the real mastermind behind these cruelties. They also accused Diaz of exposing them to the drugs such as Cocaine and all.

Edgardo Diaz was the creator of this popular Spanish-speaking band. He was also the manager of this band. Edgardo has been accused of multiple allegations by former members of the band. They have been accused of mentally and sexually abusing them. Edgardo currently lives in Puerto Rico. He has stated once stated in the year 2014 that now he will not spend the rest of his life defending himself against these baseless allegations. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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