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Who Is Ellen Shell? Danville Elementary School Employee in Custody Charges Explained!


How can people do this disgusting thing to others and not leave it to minors also? Today the world is dangerous for all even you can’t say that only boys are responsible for those girls also doing things like that this is very treacherous. When others are fighting for the rights of women and on the other side the girls did things like that and are also involved in sexual misconduct with others. We have to stay away from this like person even if they are boy or girl. we have to be alert to that kind of person. We are talking about this because many cases increasing like this as one recently happened also in Woodland Elementary School in Boyle County. You have to be aware and teach your children if something harasses them immediately informed the police so they will take action against the accused. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Who Is Ellen Shell?

Another sexual misconduct involving multiple minors incident come to the news which happened in Danville. Ellen Shell a 38-year-old woman was taken into custody at 1.25 pm because she sexually harassed two minors who were at the age of 16 at that time. The Garrard County Sheriff’s Department is investigating reports of sexual misconduct involving multiple minors. Shell engaged in sexual intercourse on three occasions with two minors who were 16 at the time on 6 July 2022 and 15 August 2022. Shell was a Teacher aside at Woodlawn Elementary School in Boyle County.

Who Is Ellen Shell?

According to the victim’s mother Shell and their kids grew up together and went to high school with her. The victim’s mothers said that they were not aware of the laws that protect them and could not come in front and thought they would be in trouble. The mother said that she could not think that she will do like this. According to official reports, Ellen Shell was arrested on Wednesday by the Garrad County Sheriff Officer when two minors came and give statements against her that she raped them last summer. Shell has been charged with three counts of third-degree rape.

However, today’s world is not safe for anyone if is it a boy or if is it, a girl. Lusty eyes never leave anyone but we can stop it if we take the right action and should not be cowards. If anything happens like this please informed them immediately about that person to your family, and friends and also informed the police so they can catch that person and take strict action against them. And also you can help with this thing to tell people and children about Laws and rules so they will be aware and alert about that.


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