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Who is Feezy Lebron? Check Bodycam Footage Where Cops Threaten to Shoot LA Rapper on New Year’s Eve


There is a piece of news coming forward in which a Police officer threatened a rapper to shoot him in his chest and now this incident is under investigation. Feezy Lebron is a Los Angles-based rapper and he was also most popular as the local rapper of Los Angles. He carries around 32k followers on his Instagram page and he has long fan followers around the world. His fan is raising so many questions related to this incident and here in this article, we will talk about all information related to this incident.

Feezy Lebron

According to the police, County traffic in Los Angles stop a local rapper and threatened that the man would take one to the chest if he failed to exit from his parked vehicle and this all is now under investigation. According to his social media posts, He was arrested by two County Sheriff’s Department patrol deputies of Los Angles when he was sitting in his car in the South Los Angles parking lot and this incident was done on the eve of New Year. A statement was released on Friday by the Department of Sherriff and they also shared a video clip in which the deputy can be heard saying from a body-worn Camera.

As per the reports of LASD, Deputies ordered the man to exit his car during the time of this incident. A deputy showed pepper spray and then bring out his firearm and used the wrong language. Later a community member filed a complaint file for this incident. According to the Sheriff (Robert), Luna has clear that he expects Department personnel to treat all public with dignity, and respect and always be available for service, and that personnel who do not uphold our training standards will be held accountable. There is a video clip is also available on the internet which describes what happened at the time of this incident.

He released some songs such as Corner Boy, No Lauren, Ghost, Rain, Crenshaw, and many other songs which was most liked by people and his fans. This video clip and news is circulating over the internet where lots of social media users share their responses to this incident. In the end, Police do this mistake of misunderstanding and there are many news are coming out in which sometimes police done wrong mistakes because of wrong information and misunderstanding. Stay tuned for reading more articles related to other news topics and the latest news of the entire world.


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