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Who is Felicia Taylor? Check Why Former CNN Anchor Arrested Report & Charges


Felicia Taylor, you also must have heard this name in recent days in media. This name has been creating a massive amount of buzzes all across. In today’s article we will tell you all about Felicia Taylor and why is she trending all across. Felicia Taylor is a 57 years old retired Host and correspondent from the CNN media network. Felicia Taylor had worked for CNN International World Business Today.

Felicia Taylor

Felicia was recently arrested by police officials for hitting a car from her white Mercedes and injuring the other driver. After hitting the other car, Felicia Taylor even fled from the spot of hitting. The news about his arrest and hit and run case was announced by the Palm Beach Police Department. The other driver who was hit by Felicia has been identified as 24 years old young man, who was sitting in his black Ford when Felicia Hit the rear bumper of his car. The driver of the Ford car was stopped in front of Felicia due to traffic ahead of him. The driver has revealed suffering multiple injuries due to that hit from the back. The victim driver revealed due to the hit he has suffered multiple injuries on his face, neck, and Forehead. The reports further stated that Felicia Taylor fled the accident spot immediately after hitting.

Felicia didn’t even bother to provide aid to the victim instead, she rushed from the spot. Felicia Taylor is a well-known personality in New York And Palm Beach area. She soon stopped the on-duty police officers. The damage on his white Mercedes front was visible enough to prove her hitting. After the police officials stopped Taylor she revealed that the accident was not a big deal and she was in a hurry to reach her home. Felicia Taylor also lied to the police officials, that she was coming from Colony Hotel. Colony hotel was closed that day, but she stated to the police that she was coming from the Colony hotel. She denied consuming any drug or alcohol before driving. Although the police officials also stated that she was not smelling of alcohol. Felicia Taylor stated that the damage to her car is her problem and it is none of anyone’s concern. She also stated that she thought that there was not much of a serious in that accident and thus she didn’t stop after hitting that car.

She denied all the charges. Although Felicia was arrested by the police officials and was taken to the Palm Beach County jail. There she was charged with careless driving and fleeing after the accident. She was later released on a $3000 bail bond. All this time while she was stopped by the police she was saying that the accident was not serious and that’s the reason why she didn’t stop. Although the driver of the ford car who was hit by Felicia had revealed a different story. The driver of the ford car stated that Felicia hit her with force and due to that he has suffered massive injuries on his neck, face, and forehead. He stated that due to the hit his head got banged on the steering of the car. Although the case is being investigated and soon the proceedings will start too. The news has been massively viral all across social media lately and thus reactions of the public are flooding social media. According to the reports, people are seen slamming Felicia Taylor for being a reckless and careless Driver. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.


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