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Who Is Finley Boden? Footage Reveals Final Hours of 10-month-old Before Brutal Murder


Today I’m going to share extremely shocking news with you. This is viral on the internet vastly. A baby was killed by their own parents. Yes, you can hear right. These incidents are captured on a CCTV camera. Finley Boden was just 10 months old. This incident happened during the lockdown on Christmas day. You all are thinking why they murdered the baby? What was the reason behind this incident? How they can do this? People are getting curious to know why they have done this with 10 months baby. We can give you all the information about this news. Scroll up for more details.

Finley Boden

According to the news, This incident was done by Finley Boden’s parents. They never think about their baby. This is a very shameful act. All the people have goosebumps after hearing this news. They never believe how they killed their own baby. They were placed back into their care after 39 days after their murder. The clear statement was given by the Social worker, Finley’s parents never take care of them. After this incident, They went to the hospital with their baby. Where the doctor clearly said that he has died.

Who Is Finley Boden?

According to the reports, the police do investigate this case. Finely Boden suffered 71 bruises over his body and 57 fractures while the incident was happening in 2020 February. This is really shocking news. Police identified criminals name Stephen Boden, who was 30 years old, and Shannon Marsden, who was 22 years old. The baby was broken into two places. He has burns on his hand. One hand burnt from a hot, flat surface, and the other hand brunt by the cigarette.While happens this incident they both have drugs. Finely’s father said to the police this the incident happened by the family dog. At the end of the investigation, the police find the clue. This incident happened by their own parents.

This case is handled by the District Attorney, They have been in jail. The court charged with two counts of child cruelty and two for causing or allowing the death of 10 months baby. This is really shocking news for every single individual. The people are getting disturbed after hearing this news. This is heartbreaking news for the people. May god rests in a piece of the baby’s soul. Here we can share all the information with you about this incident. Follow for more information. Stay tuned with us.


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