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Who Is Gabriella Magnusson? Wiki Biography Age Bio: Joel Kinnaman Filed Restraining Order Against Her


The glamour world is full of glitz but at the same, there is immense darkness about which we are unaware. Celebrities face lots of ups and downs in life, whether it is a dispute with other stars or in their personal life. They have to keep the things undercover otherwise it spreads like a wildfire, but a number of people even find it entertaining. Well, most lately Joel Kinnaman one of the notable faces of Hollywood filed restraining orders against Gabriella Magnusson. He filed the reports after getting threats from her that she falsely alleged Joel for sexual harassment.

Gabriella Magnusson Joel Kinnaman

Well, according to the latest reports, Joel Kinnaman reported that Gabriella Magnusson who is threatening him for defaming him in public. She also demanding for money otherwise, she would have publicized that Joel used her and compeled her for making physical relation. All this shared by the 41 years old Swedish-American actor. Joel regiestered a full-fleded complaiang against Gabriela in order to obtain the restraining order and alleged her for several things. Besides, Gabreila has had physical relation along with the actor a few years ago.

Joel further recorded in her report that Gabreila used to be Joel’s intimate partner who later starts threatning to put false blame on Joel and publicize it. On behalf of one of her statements made by Gabriella that “he had sex with her against her will”. She even threatens Joel to even harm his family and beloved. In addition to this, Gabriella Magnusson is a Swedish Model popularly known as Bella Davis. She had a physical relation with Joel back in 2018 but things got changed later as and when she started threatening him, informed by the actor. He said that he had physical relation with Gabreila but with her consent.

Joel shared all this through his official Instagram account. As per Gabriela demands, along with the money she is urging for influence in Hollywood, assisting for a secure work visa, official Instagram account,  a Wikipedia page, and $400,000 USD for an apartment actor Joel said in the court. Along with that he met with Gabriela in New York back in 2018 and had sex with mutual consent. He says that he didn’t spend night with her due to work, but Gabriela continued asking him to meet and she even sent him adult content, but Joel was avoiding her as he is in a relationship. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further updates and information.


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