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Who Is Gia Kush? Why Her Earthquake Video Getting Viral On Twitter?


Once again content creator Gia Kush has been surrounded by controversies due to her video that is taking place on social media like a wildfire, and plenty of users have streamed that therefore, her video has become the subject of discussion or hot topic.  among them. Ever since users got acquainted with her video, there has been havoc on social media because everyone is searching about the video in such a massive way. Because social media is such a platform where if someone gets famous overnight or comes into the discussion, then everyone wants to know about them, so check the comprehensive details below.

Gia Kush

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Gia Kush is a popular content creator and likes to make videos, and along with a huge fan following she exists on social media. It is being said that she actives on various social media platforms quite often because of which, she becomes the subject of discussion. Her video is being watched by the uncounted users who are active on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms. In short, it became viral in such a massive way but now a few statements are also coming to the fore.

Now uncounted people are keen to get the details that where the proper video has been uploaded by the content creator, because many searches are being reported. Ever since her video has come on social media, she has made so many headlines that her own discussion has been spread everywhere. It is also being said that due to some policies a few social media platform has removed her video. But still, few sites have her video but due to so much search, there has been havoc on the internet, but there has also been a decrease in the speed of the sources.

There have been many such reports in front of the users in the past, where many videos become the topic of discussion on the internet, but all the time all get vanished. But as soon as this video of Gia Kuch arrived on social media it collected massive reactions from the users. But Now as uncounted have streamed it she is facing remarks too because social media is such a vast platform where nothing can take more time to be viral. So as similar as happened with her and her video is roaming on the social media, these pieces of information came as per the sources.


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