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Who is Graham Mansfield? Killed His Wife Check Charges Reports & Mugshots


An elderly man named Graham Mansfield has walked out freely after he cleared the charges of the murder of his wife. According to the reports, an elderly man Graham Mansfield killed his wife 71 years old wife Dyanne who was suffering from cancer. Graham stated that his wife Dyanne Begged him to kill her when things got bad.

Graham Mansfield

Graham Mansfield was arrested by the cops under the charges of killing his wife. Dyanne and Graham were married for 40 years. The couple loved each other a lot. Recently Graham walked out freely after clearing all the charges on him. The judge of this case stated that Graham Mansfield killed his wife in an act of love. He further continued and stated that Graham was under massive emotional pressure before he committed this act of killing his loving wife. Graham Was sentenced for two years in prison and also suspended for two years after he cleared the charges of Murder on him.

According to the reports, Graham Mansfield agreed to kill his wife as long as he was he could also kill himself. The reports have further claimed that the couple was found on the morning of 24 March 2021. Graham Mansfield was found lying in a pool of blood while his beloved wife Dyanne was found in the chair in their Garden, their bodies were recovered from their residence by the police officials. The Mansfield couple resided in Hale, Greater Manchester on 24 March 2021. The police officials and a team of medical assistants were immediately rushed towards their residence to assisting. Reports have claimed that Dyanne was found dead while Graham was breathing at the time Police officials reached their residence. The couple also wrote a not for the family and the note was found in their dining room.

In the note, they wrote about the pain and trauma they were going through. The note stated that they were sorry for all the burden they are giving you by committing this but they didn’t have any other option left. In the note, Graham mentioned that he couldn’t even imagine about living without her wife Dyanne. They also wrote that don’t get upset, we had spent a very good and happy life together. Graham was arrested by the police officials and went through, surgeries and treatments for the wounds that he suffered. Although, the police officials went to ask about the couple the neighbors and all of them stated that both of them loved each other. They all stated that Graham was fully dedicated to her wife and her severe illness. The couple was highly appreciated by all their friends and family. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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