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Who is Grant Kelly in Lost in Space season 3? Dead or Alive? Spoilers Alert


We have both good and bad news for you. You must be wondering what is this about and what even is the context. Well, let us tell you that the popular Sci-fi Netflix series Lost in Space is all set to return with a brand new season. Yes, Lost in Space Season 3 will soon be entertaining the viewers with an interesting plot and story. Coming back to the bad news, it is coming forward that the upcoming season would be the popular series’ final season. Here, in this article, we will discuss the character Grant Kelly and find out if he is dead or alive.


Created and produced by Irwin Allen, the science fiction was originally released on April 13, 2018. It is entirely adapted from the 1965 released series with the similar title that mirrored the story of the Robinson family on their hunt to establish the “Alpha Centauri Planetary system”. It is no doubt that the TV series has been nothing but an amazing gift during its previous seasons. Thanks to the fabulous cast and the astonishing special effects. Now, the fans are anticipating nothing less than a bang from this upcoming final season.

Talking about who is Grant Kelly, he was shown as the biological father of Judy Robinson, played by the Canadian actress Taylor Russell. It was expected that Grant was a departed leader of the Fortuna who further vanished during the Alpha Centauri mission. The makers revealed the said character to be the first one to work on the Alpha Centauri program. He was later shown to get into a relation with Maureen Robinson. So it was thought that Grant died before the birth was Judy. In season 2 final episode, Judy, Will, and Penny got coordinates which they assumed originated from a Jupiter ship. However, they rather ended up tripping across the forgotten Fortuna.

Now, speaking of the character Grant Kelly and discussing if he is dead or alive, in season 3, it is unveiled that Grant Kelly is alive. It is shown that before waking up from cryosleep, Judy finds Grant in a cryopod. However, Judy refrains from telling Grant that she happens to be Judy’s daughter but further in episode 3, he discloses it to her. As obvious, the moment instigates a touching section in the series. The said character will be essayed by the actor Russell Hornsby in the upcoming season. Let’s see if Lost in Space Season 3 manages to get the same response as its previous two seasons did.


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