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Who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife? What Happened to Gregg Pettigrew? Latest News! 2023


Today we are going to share with you news about a Gay couple who is married. The person is accused of killing his gay partner and also trying to kill himself. The actor is accused of killing his gay partner whom he married and after killing him he also tried to kill himself. This news is circulating and spreading widely all over the net. People are curious and inquisitive to know whether it is true or not. This maybe can be a rumor to spread negativity for this Gay community and about same-sex marriage. Let’s see what happened who is he and whom he married?

The person we are talking about who is accused of killing and suicide is a famous actor Gregg Pettigrew. He is a 51-year-old notable actor. He is well known for his role in the movies Getroude Met Rugby and The Fugitive. He also worked in TV shows including The Good, The Old, and The Greddy. He also appeared in the BBC lifestyle show Come Dine with Me and also won the show in May 2020.

Who is Gregg Pettigrew’s Wife?

who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife

After the recent news of the murder case circulated on the internet surface, the production team of 7de Laan issued a statement where they noted that they were keeping their distance from the actor. Through the sources, we get to know that he and his gay partner both had been charged and arrested for fraud and the media tagged them as Bonnie and Clyde. Gregg Pettigrew’s wife is John.

Yes, John and Gregg married and became the first gay couple who married behind bars. The couple was also accused of scamming and ripping off other members of the LGBTQ community. Then what happened to them why he killed his boyfriend let see scroll down the page to know more information about this case.

According to the officials, Gregg Pettigrew an actor killed his 29-year-old partner in Kempton Park on 13 April 2023, Thursday and after killing his partner he tried to kill himself. The police arrived at the crime scene and confirmed the incident, and verified the shooting. Likewise, the actor was also taken to the hospital under close watch. Gregg will go to the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court on April 17 to face murder charges. So maybe he is in the hospital but we definitely not sure where he is right now. Any other information is not revealed by the officers but if we get any update related to this case we will inform you so stay tuned always with the social telecast.


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