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Who is Helen Dow Helen Edward Wilkins’ Mother? Filed a Lawsuit Against the NYPD


Helen Edward Wilkins’ mother Helena Dow has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for her son’s tragic death. Edward Wilkins was shot and killed in 2022 by his lover’s officer husband Sean Armstead. On May 8, 2022, Armstead, 36, shot Wilkins, 20, before turning the gun on himself outside a Buffalo Wild Wings in Wallkill. Armstead believed Wilkins was having an affair with his 35-year-old wife Alexandra Vanderheyden. Without any further ado, let us check all the details about the case in the article below.

Helen Dow Helen Edward Wilkins' Mother

Wilkins’ mother sued the NYPD on January 26, 2023, claiming that the NYPD should have known Armstead had mental health difficulties and that he shouldn’t have been allowed to own a firearm or even serve as a police officer. According to the lawsuit, Armstead was meant to be working a midnight shift at PSA 8 in the Bronx but called in sick. Things started to get a little heated when the police found out that his wife was staying at the Wallkill with a worker at her dog walking company. It made Armstead angry and out of anger and jealousy, he struck Wilkins with his car and pursued him to NY-211 while Wilkins ran away on foot.

Wilkins could only manage to reach the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot when Armstead shot him 11 times outside the restaurant. The lawsuit claims that Armstead was negligently permitted to take possession of his service handgun and three clips of ammunition. It is also reported that the 11-year veteran officer was suffering from mental illness which was the main reason why the incident happened in the first place. The lawsuit asserts that the NYPD’s supervision of Armstead and giving him access to a firearm was a proximate cause of the death and called it a substantial factor.

On another hand, Helen Dow has filed a claim for unspecified damages. She also said that she can confirm that this matter has been extremely difficult for her and that the incident has shattered her heart. Well, the matter has also garnered the attention of netizens who happen to be discussing it on their respective social media handles. People who knew Wilkins are coming forward and expressing their heartfelt tributes to her after learning about her tragic death. Needless to say, the matter has become the subject of discussion among everyone. Stay tuned to this space to keep getting such updates and the latest and trending news. Keep following Social Telecast.


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