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Who Is Jacqueline Hernndez, Missing Florida Girl Meet With Mother After 14 years Of Kidnapping


Jacqueline Hernandez is a name that is grabbing some of the headlines because in this case there is something that we always hear in stories and books. In reality, a girl who went missing in the year 2007 has been seen with her mother after being abducted for 14 years. The news is spreading that a girl who was missing for the last 14 years has been reunited with her mother. You must be curious to know that what the news is all about.


Actually, the case was cold till the last month but things get hotter when the girl contacted her biological mother Angelica Vences-Salgado, through social media and the police from both sides helped them to get united forever. Hernandez told her mother that she was in Mexico and just after they came into touch her mother rushed to meet her daughter whom she lost 14 years ago when she was just 6 years old. You must be thinking that how did Jacqueline go disappear. Well, the girl is a native of Clermont, Florida and she was allegedly kidnapped from her own house on the 22nd of December in 2007 and the strange thing is she was kidnapped by her own father named Pablo Hernandez.

You must be thinking that who is Jacqueline Hernandez? Who kidnapped her? and how old is she now? Well, Ms. Hernandez is currently 19 years old who found in Mexico after getting in touch with her mom on social media. Hernandez was kidnapped by her own father in 2007 and at that time an arrest warrant was issued against her father where cops claimed that the man can hide somewhere in Mexico along with the girl but as usual the case went cold.

This month suddenly a 14 years old file of kidnapping case got opened again when Ms. Vences-Salgado Jacqueline’s mother reached the police station where she told cops that a girl on social media is claiming to be her daughter but she is sure that the girl can be her daughter who got kidnapped by her own father. Though the girl has met her mother now so far there is no official announcement has been made about Mr. Hernandez but we are trying harder to get more details on it because the cops might have started looking at her father but as soon as we get the update we will forward it to you. Till then stay tuned.


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