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Who is Jane Marczewski (nightbirde) AGT 16 Episode 2 Golden Buzzer Winner Cancer Patient Girl Name Wiki Biography


The world is full of expectations and immensely courageous people who are enough brave to live life on their own terms. They won’t kneel down in front of the hardships of life and always manage to come off with fly colours. Recently the ongoing season of one of the most renowned reality talent hunt show America’s Got Talent witnessed astonished by the performance of Jane Marczewski. However, most of the contestants of the show are always spectacular. But there is some unusual in this highly talented girl. She even stunned all the judges when she speaks of the phoenix.

Who is Jane Marczewski

Things gots changed when all the judges including Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara are waiting for their next contestant and an Ohio based Jane Marczewski comes on the stage. Well, Jane has come to flaunt her singing talent in front of judges. She performs on Nightbird. She just cast the spell with her magical voice and enchant all the judges along with the rest of the audience. After getting appreciation from judges started asking about her well-being and struggle.

All the people got their eyes wide open when Jane shares that she is diagnosed with cancer. Furthermore, Jane shares that she has reported a number of tumours at various parts of organs including lungs, liver, lymph, nodes, ribs, and even in the spine. She said she aghast after she got her reports.

Even then she doesn’t stop following her dream and become an inspiration for numerous people. She even started assisting people through her blogs. She assists them in their battle against this dreaded disease and even encourages them with her positive attitude toward life. In most of her tweets, she seems flipping and jumping and giving an emphatic message to all the people to not lose hope even in the hard circumstances.


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While moving back to the amazing episode, after the spectacular performance of Jane everyone cheered up. Jane esteemed with the golden buzzer in the show. As per the reports Jane has only 6 months to live. Her story and pure talent made everyone emotional. One of the judge Cowell’s eyes got moist. All the judges also find Jane as the most deserving candidate for the golden buzzer. Well, this is the 16th ongoing season of America’s Got Talent and enjoy all the upcoming episode on NBC. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further updates on Jane



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