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Who Is Jared Eng? Killed Her Murder For $11M In Her Bank Account


A latest horrifying incident has been reported from the City of dreams in New York City. A man from New York City has recently confessed to murdering his own mother, on Friday, September 16. The accused son has been identified as Jared Eng. Jared Has recently pleaded guilty to the Manhattan Supreme Court as part of a plea deal on the charges of murder of his mother.

Jared Eng

The deceased mother has been identified as Paula Chin. She was 65 years elderly woman. According to the reports Paula was first brutally beaten and then she was killed. Her son slashed her throat and killed her with brutality. During the police interrogation the accused son, Jared stated that he killed his mother because she had around $11 million in her bank account. According to further reports, after brutally killing his mother Jared cleaned his whole apartment and his girlfriend Jenifer Lopez helped him in cleaning the whole apartment.

After killing Paula, Jared and Jenifer loaded Paula Chin’s body in her own car and took it to their family home back in Morristown, New Jersey. The couple was there joined by another accompanied named Caitlyn O’ Rourke. The trio then dumped Paula Chin’s body into a garbage can, which was later found on that property. According to the reports, Jared started beating his mother Paula when she started asking for her money back from him, and then after brutally beating her he killed her.

Paula’s other son and Jared’s brother Brandon complained about Paula being missing from her home. During the investigation, police recovered her dead body from the trash bin on the property. Police also found gloves full of blood stains in the garbage later. This incident has been very shattering and flabbergasting for everyone. No one could ever imagine that a son could kill his mother who gave him birth and loved him his whole life. This has been a very devastating case of the year. This case has been massively viral all over social media and is creating a massive amount of buzz all over. Netizens are coming up with their reactions to this horrifying murder of a mother by her own son. This is one of the most inhumane and barbaric incidents that one could ever see. According to the reports Jared is almost about to be sentenced to 18 years in prison. We will update you about his prison sentence as soon as it is announced by the officials. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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