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Who Is Jasneet Kaur and Why Was Arrested? Instagram Influencer Charged for Blackmailing Businessman


Jasneet Kaur has been arrested and this shocking news is coming out from Ludhiana, this news is getting lots of attention and popularity on the internet and social media. She is a social media influencer and most popular as a social media star who carries a large number of fans around the world. She is a famous social media personality and currently, she is on police remand following her arrest and court appearances. Let us discuss in detail why she was arrested and also talk about some more information related to her and this incident, so keep reading this article continuously.

Who Is Jasneet Kaur and Why Was Arrested?

According to the reports and detail, she was arrested by the Model Town Police Department and she was arrested against a complaint of blackmailing a businessman. She was allegedly threatening a businessman and she will be presented in court on Monday 3 April 2023. The court allowed her two days remand and she has been on police remand for two days. It is also coming out that she first increases the closeness with the rich businessman and later began blackmailing him by demanding money. There is an investigation is also ongoing but not much information has been shared related to this investigation. Scroll down and continue your reading for more details.

Who Is Jasneet Kaur?

She is a social media influencer and celebrity who has a large number of fans on her social media platforms. She has around 197k followers on her Instagram account and also has numerous fans on her other social media platforms. She is a resident of Mohali and currently living in Sector-88 and is an active user of social media. The police also seized her luxurious car BMW and the investigation is continually ongoing. There are two more associates were suggested also being arrested in the case who is linked to her. This complaint was filed by Gurbir Singh and this investigation is continuing for last year.

There is one more person also coming out in this case who is Lucky Sandhu, a former head of Youth Congress Degati. It is determined that he threatened the businessman on her advice but there is no confirmed and exact news related to this news. Many users of social media are now sharing and expressing their reactions and commenting on this news. Currently, there is not much news and information related to this incident and we will update our article after getting more news related to this incident.


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