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Who is Jaswant Singh Chail? Crossbow Wielding Man Arrested after Threatening Chilling Footage Video


In today’s world, everyone stays ready to grab fame and money and the same case is grabbing headlines after a 19-year-old British Sikh named Jaswant Singh Chail started to surface on the internet. Well, there is no doubt that the name has got immense popularity overnight, however, he does not seem ready for the future that what is about to happen with him because he has done something that he ought not to do. Stick around to get all the complete details.

Jaswant Singh Chail crossbow man

Jaswant Singh Chail was found as the 19-year-old masked man who recently threatened to assassinate Queen Elizabeth with a crossbow in a random chilling video on the eve of  Christmas Day. Recently a video went viral on Twitter and Reddit where a masked man who has completely covered his face with a mask and wearing a jacket and kept a crossbow in his hands said that he will assassinate the queen. As soon as the video started to viral on the internet the security forces took the initiate against him and as a result, the ignorant boy was found around 500 meters away from the Queen’s private chambers and nabbed outside Windsor Castle and that too just after 24 minutes of his video got viral.

However, the entire weird incident took place while the queen was sitting for breakfast and was all set for Christmas eve. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) confirmed that a man was nabbed from the royal grounds around 8:30 am on December 25. As soon as the news of the boy dropped on social media people across the globe took their social media to curse the boy for the deed he has done that he should not have done. You can also watch the video that is available here as well and one thing is clear that after watching the video it will be clear that how he dared to do something that hardly people even think about.

Who Is Jaswant Singh Chail?

Well, as per the sources Jaswant Singh Chail is just a 19-year-old man of Indian origin. The boy lives with his family in a hood in Southampton. The boy recently got immense hype after posting a weird video on Snapchat where he seem threatening to kill Queen Elizabeth. Now another thing that is being searched is, why he did it and what is the complete case. So, in the viral clip, you will watch Jaswant Singh saying that he will assassinate the queen just to avenge the 1919 Jallianwallah Bagh massacre in India. This is all that he has done, stick around to get more updates, and also share your thoughts on his deed.


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