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Who is Jhonni Blaze? Love and Hip-Hop Star & Singer Missing After Concerning Instagram Post


Recently, a piece of news has been surfacing around that has captured everyone’s attention. Yes, we are talking about Jhonni Blaze who has been reported missing for some days. As shocking as it seems, the news is quite true and has become the subject of discussion as well. The reality TV personality’s disappearance came to the headlines when one of her friends Mega Meezy who is also the manager of 21 Savage confirmed it. Since then the fans of Blaze have been sharing their worriedness about her sudden disappearance. Let’s find out the details of the whole matter.

Who is Jhonni Blaze Love and Hip Hop Star Singer Reported Missing After Concerning Instagram Post

Mega Meezy took to his social media and shared the information about Jhonni Blaze been missing for some time. He wrote that the Love and Hip-Hop star has contacted neither her family nor friends and they have no track of her or her possible whereabouts. Meezy prayed for Jhonni and requested the people having any bit of information about her to speak up. The post got viral within no time gaining concerns from her followers and all the people with who she had been in contact. Plenty of posts were shared by the users as they were concerned about the star.

However, Jhonni Blaze had posted a suspicious post on her Instagram account before she reportedly disappeared. On the said post, she wrote that she is done with everything and that everyone has won. She also added that she cannot believe how much pain she can consume. Along with the post, Blaze also added a lengthy caption where she wrote that she will not leave any memories considering no one cares about genuine ones. The TV personality further wrote that the people laughed at her pain and feelings and accused people of mocking people having mental issues.

Concluding the post Johnni Blaze added that let’s see how many people would get affected once she is gone. The next day after this post, she got missing. Now, the fans are extremely worried about the star and have also been praying for her safety. Talking about Jhonni Blaze a bit, she is also known as J’zapal Jackson. Besides being a reality show star, she is also an American R&B singer and a model. She got recognition for her appearance on Love and Hip-Hop, a show telecasted on VH1. The star had revealed earlier that she was abducted while she was still a teenager and also had been the victim of human trafficking.


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