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Who Is Jocelyn Karst? Portland Middle School Girl Assaulted at Apartment Explained!


We are going to talk about the assault case which happened in Beaverton, Oregon. Portland resident Jocelyn Karst was assaulted by a school bully. and her school disobeyed the judge’s no-contact order. Karst did not who was the bully but the attacker lives in the same apartment where she lives and also takes classes in the same school. The person who was assaulted and the bully’s name is Karst. Karst and her mother also claimed that the school did not take any responsibility and only show fake concerns about safety. Let’s see what happened and what struggles and faces schools see. To find more details please read the whole article.

Jocelyn Karst

In West Sylvan Middle School abuse and bullying happened often and school staff did not take seriously this issue. Karst’s mother Heather Chick said that her daughter attempted to bring the pepper spray into the school for safety reasons what does the mother think about when the vicious bullying happens at school? But the pepper seized by saying that this is dangerous and can make weapons for bullying others. Heather chick said that she can’t leave this apartment due to financial issues.

Who Is Jocelyn Karst?

Karst tells what exactly happen and how she was assaulted. Karst tells that She pulled me and threw me to the ground and then started hitting me multiple times. And all I remember is apologizing over and over. I kind of didn’t know what was real at that point. Karst’s mother said that when this happened she informed the school quickly but they did not take any action. she adds that teachers and the principal mostly have been very aware of what’s going on, and still did not follow those rules. And now when the video viral karst experienced more bullying.

Karst’s mother emailed the West Sylvan Middle School that she was aware of the multiple acts of violence which continued at the school and that she will not let it go. She adds that Chick and her daughter are not safe here and we can’t make it outside and leave this apartment because of financial issues.

She stated We aren’t protected by anyone here in our housing, in the schools, police won’t honor the restraining order as they said they never knew what legal ways they can do it. The system is very screwy and they need help to help our youth. If this happened to anyone please keep stay safe and inform the police if this thing happened anywhere in front of you. That is how we can take steps forward to stop bullying and assault. for further details stay tuned with us.


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