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Who Is Jolissa Fuentes? Missing Girl’s Family Pleads for Help as Reward for Information Raised to $5000


According to the California authorities, a 22-year-old woman Jolissa Fuentes has been missing. She was last seen on Sunday, August 7, 2022, and since then the officials have been searching for her. The woman’s family said that she took her car to an AM/PM gas station on Nebraska Avenue in Selma, California and it was the last time, she was seen alive. Currently, the officials are investigating her missing case and are trying to collect the shreds of evidence that could lead them closer to her. Check what happened to her in the article below.

Jolissa Fuentes

Although there was suspicion of foul play, the Selma Police Department is not investigating the case as an abduction yet. It is believed that she might have gone somewhere out of her own will. As per reports, Fuentes was last seen in a gray 2011 Hyundai Accent with the license plate number 8MPU766. Let us add that the vehicle has not been recovered yet too. It is coming forward that the Fuentes family has offered $1000 in reward money for any information about their daughter. As the officials are not getting any leads in the case, the number continues to rise. Earlier, it became $2000 and now it stands at $5000.

Jolissa’s cousin took to Twitter to share a series of pictures of the former along with a lengthy caption. She wrote that her cousin is missing and that her family is worried as this is not like her to just disappear along with all her social media being deactivated. According to Jolissa’s family, the former attended a party before getting vanished. They added that she even visited her granddaughter’s residence to pick up a bag and some money. It has come forward that she was last seen on Sunday morning at 4:06 AM.

Surveillance footage recorded Jollias Fuentes recorded the woman purchasing a snack at the AM/PM gas station in Selma before she left the premises in her car. Talking about her in an interview, her father Joey Fuentes said that he believed she was the victim of an abduction and claimed that it was very unlike for her to leave for so long without informing her family. He added that they think someone took her against her will. The case is being investigated as authorities continue to work with Jolissa Fuentes’ family in an effort to trace down the last-known location of her phone. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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