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Who Is Jordan Cox? Wyandotte Woman Disappears, Family Searches for Answers


We are going to talk about the death news of Jordan Cox who was missing for a long time. She was getting too much attention and popularity on the internet and social media and many users of social media are sharing their interest in her death news. She has been founded and now this news is making a buzz on the internet and running on the top of the internet. Let us know in this article about the complete information related to her such as what happened to her, the cause of her death, and some more detail, so keep reading.

Who Is Jordan Cox?

As per the reports and information, She passed away at the age of 27 years and went missing on 26 March 2023, and has been discovered dead. His death news was confirmed and shared by her aunt Kim Cox. Her dead body was founded by Wyandotte police and this information was shared in a post on Facebook. The cause of her death is still unknown and details about the location where she founded is not disclosed yet. There is an investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared about this case, we will update our article after getting more news related to her death.

Who Is Jordan Cox?

She was born on 12 September 1995 and is mostly known as Jo by her family, friends, and loved ones. After her missing, her family members and friends were unable to contact her for those days and the Police Department of Wyandotte shared that she left her house to help her father move boxes into his apartment but didn’t make it to the pointed place. Last time, she was seen as wearing black and white leggings and a black hoodie, with black and white tennis shoes. She was an active user of social media and carries a large number of fans on his fan list.

Her aunt also shared a long message in the Facebook post that it is very sad to share that my niece Jordan has died and she is now resting with the angels. Her aunt shared that she will miss her deeply and it is a very difficult and sad moment. She was very beloved and always spread love to everyone. There are many people and netizens who are sharing various relief messages to her family and supporting her family at this painful moment. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.


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