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Who Is Jordan Douglas Krah? Watch Colorado Man Arrested After Racist, Homophobic Rant Goes Viral


It is coming forward that a Colorado man has been detained for breaking the hate crimes laws in California. This incident was done on Saturday 24 December 2022 on the occasion of Christmas and a 40-year-old man was arrested by the police on Monday. This all was recorded in a TikTok video and now this video getting too much attention from people. After spreading this video on the internet lots of social media users raised lots of questions related to him and this crime. Here we will share some information about him and what did he do for which he was arrested.

Who Is Jordan Douglas Krah Watch Colorado Man Arrested After Racist Homophobic Rant Goes Viral

Who Is Jordan Douglas Krah?

As per the reports of authorities that a TikTok video that is gaining too much attention by the people shows a Colorado man shouting prejudiced, racist remarks about other diners inside an East Bay In-N-Out restaurant. For breaching California’s hate crime laws that the police arrest him and now he is under custody. His name is Jordan Douglas Krah and this happened on Christmas day and posted the next day. This video gained millions of views and got the attention of the people. The investigation began on 25 December and police and police he was arrested on the afternoon of Monday by San Ramon Police on two counts of committing a hate crime.

Watch Colorado Man Arrested After Racist, Homophobic Rant Goes Viral

The police chief of San Ramon as Denver named him a culprit on the side the video had reached more than 9.1 million views on Monday. On 24 December a popular Tiktok video present a patron at an East Bay In-N-Out hurling homophobic and racial remarks at two college students. If we talk about the clip where a man can be heard off-camera strange gays Arine Kim and Elliot Ha and from the sources that Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend while they both were filming their orders for the burger at the burger restaurant in San Ramon.

On social media San Ramon Authorities Chief Denton Carlson tweeted a picture of an individual who is driving a silver Mustang with Florida license plates on the afternoon of Sunday, There are lots of video uploads every day which show some are made for fun and some are based on a real incident. There are too many people uploading and commenting on this incident through the medium of social media pages. Stay connected to our website for reading more articles related to the latest news and other news topics of the entire world.


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