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Who Is Joyce Curtis? Mother Who Thought Her Son Died 10 Years Ago After Went Missing Found Alive


The latest news report has been reported which states that a mother who assumed her beloved son passed away after he went missing almost a decade ago has been found. Yes, you all read it right, she has finally found her. She has termed this incident as a “Christmas miracle”. Her son is completely fine. In today’s article, we will tell you all about Joyce Curtis’s missing son Nicholas who was found alive after a decade of being missing.

Who Is Joyce Curtis Mother Who Thought Her Son Died 10 Years Ago After Went Missing Found Alive

Who Is Joyce Curtis?

Reports have claimed that Joyce Curtis assumed her son Nicholas had passed away since she didn’t get any information about him for a decade. Reports have also claimed that she lost her son back in the year 2010. She further stated that the last piece of information she got about him was that he was hitchhiking around France and Spain. After the pandemic took over the globe, Joyce assumed that her son Nicholas had contracted with the Covid and had passed away. The saddened mother ‘grieved for him’.

How Did She Find Her Son?

But suddenly Joyce Curtis received a phone call on 19 December which informed her that her beloved son Nicholas was alive and in a hospital in the south of France. Joyce stated that Nicholas lost his joiner job in the mid-2000s. After he lost his job, Nicholas left his hometown Glasgow, Scotland to travel all over Europe. Joyce stated that Nicholas said that he will spend time travelling Europe and, he also spent some time sleeping on the streets of Paris. This miraculous news was announced by Joyce Curtis herself on her official Facebook account.

Joyce posted a video on her official Facebook account in which she stated that she has finally found her son. She also stated that she never gave up on her son and now finally she has found her son. Joyce also stated that many people claimed that her son has passed away. This news is miraculous and amazing. According to the reports, this news has been topping the trending charts on social media and people posting about it.

Reports have also claimed that the comment section of her video has been flooded with good and positive comments. She also stated that she can’t wait to reach France and meet her beloved son. The news is viral all over social media and the internet. Currently, there is not much information regarding Nicholas at the moment, but our research team is looking into it and we will update you about it as soon as we get information. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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