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Who Is Justin Foley? Ohio Teacher Faces Federal Charges For Exploiting Minors


A horrific incident took place in Columbus, Ohio when an ultimate guide and protection of children stooped low by his heinous actions. A former school teacher in Ohio named Justin Robert Foley was arrested by the Ohio police department after the authority learned about the involvement of the teacher in some abhorrent action. The police officials arrested Foley within no time. According to the latest reports, the former teacher has been charged with grooming allegations and now facing the law. The entire incident has spread in the entire state like wildfire. Get more information on who is Justin Foley and the cause of his arrest.

Who Is Justin Foley Ohio Teacher Faces Federal Charges For Exploiting Minors

On behalf of reports, the former teacher named Justin Robert Foley is 47 years old so far and he is currently facing state charges for physically assaulting minors and even being recorded on the camera for making explicit videos. Foley was also caught recording the private parts of minors under skirts and shorts privily in public places. He also found out that recording the private parts of school pupils at Columbus Alternative High School in the year 2013.

Who Is Justin Foley?

After the teacher got exposed a complaint has been lodged at the Delaware Police Department got informed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the month of August of the ongoing year. The police started a rapid and brief investigation as the matter is quite critical and they soon get their hand on multiple images containing sexual assault of children. The google email account which explored the images started investigating and officers managed to track the IP address of the account and found out that the account is fake.

The account is showing videos containing nudity made secretly at different public places including schools. After the police took Foley into custody he proceeded to further integration, and later arrived in the court where he was served on a charge of illegal use of a minor or impaired person in a critical situation. Both the accounts took down by google after learning about the case and due to the NSFW content.

The culprit even admitted his crime of recording videos of minors in public areas and schools. He recorded countless images and videos and uploaded them on his Gmail account. As of now, Foley is serving his punishment. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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