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Who is Kadambini Ganguly? India’s First Female Doctor 160th Birth Anniversary Wiki Bio Achievements


Dr. Kadambini Ganguly was born on 18 July 1861 in Bhagalpur and was also known at the time as a strong supporter of women’s emancipation. Because at one time it was such that the dominance of men in the society was more than that of women, whether it was cultural or social. He has established a successful medical system for women in India with the help of doctors like Anandinijoshi Bai. Today is his 160th birth anniversary and Google has dedicated a doodle in his honor, which you can also see.

Who is Kadambini Ganguly? India's First Female Doctor 160th Birthday Wiki Bio Achievements

Dr. Kadambini Ganguly was a first lady who got admission to Calcutta’s Medical College in 1884, before coming back to India she studied medicines in Scotland and established a successful Medical system. She continued her studies keeping the male-dominated attitude aside and achieved the title of doctor and became an example among women. Even today, his living heart is alive among the people, because he has carried forward his skills without any concern, and women’s interest has done many things. 

At that time she was the first woman to graduate from Bethune Kalge ​​along with Chandramukhi Basu, and that is why she became the first woman who was the first graduate woman in the British era. Her father was Shri. Braja Kishore Basu decided to announce a movement of Women’s emancipation with the help of Abhay Charan Mallik. They established Women Organization in 1863 in Bhagalpur, Which was the first such organization established in India which was in the interest of women.

Later, she also got great heights in politics where she was one of the 6 women to be elected in the fifth session of the Indian National Congress in 1889. When Bengal was partitioned after some time according to the circumstances, he organized a women’s conference inside Calcutta in 1906. Within a short span of time, she got success in educating women and enrolling in college because she wanted women to do all that, Because she wanted all women to be able to climb like men.

Dr. Kadambini Ganguly was born in a small village in Bengal named Chandsi, she did her education in Dhaka and then in Calcutta. In 1893 she went to England for continuing her studies ahead of her and Received three certificates on the basis of his ability. When she returned, she was addressed and promoted to a senior position. She is a well-prominent name in the medical world and an example for all ladies. 


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