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Who Is Kanishka Soni? Actress Accuses Sajid Khan Of Harassment Amid Bigg Boss Controversy


Bigg Boss 16, a highly anticipated and controversial TV reality show has been commenced on Colors TV network, and this time Endemol Shine brought all those contestants inside the house who are holding a very controversial person neither only inside the BB house even outside of the show too. Yes, you heard right, and one of them is Sajid Khan a popular TV presenter, producer, and director, who usually surround by controversies. But this time, the matter is a bit hot as actor Kanishka Soni accuses Sajid Khan of harassment. Below you could explore everything you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Who Is Kanishka Soni Actress Accuses Sajid Khan Of Harassment Amid Bigg Boss Controversy

Barely, 10 days would have passed of broadcasting Bigg Boss 16 and in spite of this, controversies are not taking the name of getting stopped while contestants are trying their best to portray themselves differently than their actual personalities. But, the controversy of Sajid Khan has grabbed the entire limelight as uncounted are paying attention to make themselves aware with everything. Because actress Kanishka Soni conveyed her self-faced struggle while claiming that she had faced the casting couch as Sajid had made se**al advances toward her, all these things she shared through the video which she posted too.

Kanishka Soni Accuses Sajid Khan

Reportedly, Kanishka Soni said that she was afraid to reveal all these things but she had to unveil them because the way he has done plenty of worst things to her was not appropriate. Further, she mentioned that Sajid Khan was crazy behind her and therefore, used to invite her for an interview and interaction. But she did not know the intention of the producer, and unless she got acquainted with all those it had too late. Therefore, now, she is taking action against him and the injustice she faced in her past because of Sajid Khan.

As soon as the controversy is spreading its feet on social networking sites uncounted started posting their reactions as no one had even imagined, that day something much more disturbing will come in front of them about the person whom they are meeting regularly through Bigg Boss 16. But, now further things will be unveiled soon, and therefore, the reports are currently holding the things that remain to be unveiled. So when something will come to us through the sources, we will make you familiar for sure as our team is also looking to fetch more. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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