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Who is Kate Miller? Nicki Minaj Fake Assistant Instagram Wiki Biography


Queen of rap Nicki Minaj has become the center of attraction on social media ever since a woman named Kate Miller claimed to be the rapper’s ex-assistant. She went on to air the rapper’s dirty laundry. Well, the netizens have slammed Kate for spreading disinformation. Let us tell you that the woman claiming to be Minaj’s former assistant is not telling the truth. It is believed that the account that put the allegations on the rapper was created by a teenager. After the matter spread online, the singer addressed the accusations too.

Nicki Minaj assistant Kate Miller

As per reports, the feud between Kate Miller and Nicki Minaj started when Kate uploaded a series of posts on her official Instagram Story. According to her first post, the rapper fired her assistant and she is now revealing it to the told. She wrote that she is Onika ex-assistant who she fired for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account. In a series of Instagram posts, Miller discussed the rapper’s alleged drama with Cardi B and Beyonce. She also raised her voice on other topics as well.

Writing in her IG story, Kate Miller tagged the rapper herself. Miller accused Nicki’s husband of cheating on her and said that Petty told the assistant things that gave her chills. Sharing another post, she added that because of Minaj’s husband, Jay Z and Beyonce do not associate with the rapper. Let us add that the alleged ex-assistant shared a total of 20 Instagram stories. She went on to claim that the Anaconda singer is trying hard to get in touch with her and claimed that the rapper even tried to convince her to delete her account. The matter has gone viral on social media and has gained the attention of many.

As the matter became a subject of debate on the internet, Nicki Minaj went live on Instagram to address the feud with Miller. The rapper said that Miller sounds so dumb and added that she believed that a kid was behind the Instagram profile. Minaj addressed the person behind the account and said that she really need to get a job and invest in herself and her future. Besides, the rapper also believed that another fanbase was plotting to take her down. Taking to Twitter, the musician said she loved sending people crazy. Miller has not said anything about the matter after the rapper addressed the issue.


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