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Who is Katie Jane Taylor? Sydney Designer Wins Legal Battle Against Katy Perry Explained


A famous Australian designer prevails in a lawsuit against a great singer from the US. Katy Taylor who is an Australian fashion designer sued Katy Perry who is a great singer in the US for trademark infringement. What happened between them and why she sued Katy Perry? If is it only a rumor or true we will try to provide you with all the details and information related to this which we collect by scrounging the web and with deep studying. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Who is Katie Jane Taylor?

Katy Perry is a well-known singer and expanded name of her is Katheryn Hudson. Katie Taylor expanded name is Katie Jane Taylor she is an Australian designer who sued Katty Perry for trademark infringement. Katie Jane worked in several fields and has a versatile personality. She worked as a stylist, designer, manager, and buyer for labels and stores such as Browns South and David Jones in Sydney. Perry filed a trademark application in September 2008 for her label, and on January 29, 2009, the Australian Official Journal of Trademarks legally accepted it as trademark number 1264761. She opened the Katie Perry Studio in Mosman, New South Wales, in June 2009.

Who is Katie Jane Taylor?

According to the reports, Katie Jane Taylor sold and produced her own clothesline under the Katy Perry brand after Janes Taylor’s inspiring trip to Italy in 2007. Several legal actions were originally brought in June 2009 over a trademark owned by Katie Jane Taylor who designs clothing under the name Katie Perry.

The federal court finished this case with the victory of Katie Jane Taylor. According to the court, they rejected the pop star firm’s request to have the Katie Perry trademark canceled. The court said that Ms. Katty Perry violated Twitter before her 2014 Prism tour of Australia. Judge said that she was not obliged to pay money to the designer and now she is only responsible for her damages. The court also show concern and consideration that it was hard for Ms. Taylor and the internet made it worse for her also she get death threats. After the judge’s decision in Ms Taylor’s court, she said that I am truly over the moon. she said that it has involved defending small businessmen, an Australian law as well as justice and truth. For more updates and news stay with us and with this website.


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