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The boy whose comparison videos forces everyone to laugh badly has done something unexpected at just a small age. The Senegalese-born TikToker named Khaby Lame has created a buzz on the internet and now everyone is wishing him for a bright future because the 21 years old used to be a factory worker has reached 100 Million followers on TikTok and with this figure of followers, the boy has become the 2nd person to reach the maximum numbers of followers on TikTok.

khaby lame

Just a month ago Khabane professionally known as Khaby Lame the youngster been into the headlines as he overtook Addison Rae in the terms of followers and became the second most followed TikToker. Italy based Tiktoker gets millions of views on his short clips and that too without even speaking a single word and this makes a huge deal because people do so many things to get views but Khaby hits millions of views in his every single video without moving lips and just by giving a very weird facial expression. Getting millions of views is the only secret that the 21 years old has become the second most followed TikToker on the platform.

Just a month ago on July 5th, Khaby Lame hit a massive figure of followers and that was 83 million where he left behind Addison who has 81 million followers, and just after 35 days on the 9th of July the young Tiktoker has reached a majestic figure which is 100 million and this made him the second most followed Tiktoker and now he is not so far to leave behind Chalie D’ Amelio and as he is going saying this won’t be bad that soon he will be the first most-followed Tik Tok star in the world. However, it will take some more time but as he did it in just 35 days so perhaps it will take more than 2 or 3 months to become the one.

His weird and deadpan facial expressions are the only reason behind his massive popularity. You all must be keen to know that how many followers does he need be defeat Charli D’Amelio in the terms of followers so as per the reports he is just 22 million away from D’ Amelio and soon he will defeat him hopefully. His videos are quite popular across the world and therefore his every single video hits millions of views and now even memers have started to take his clips to get their meme famous. Let’s see how soon will he leave Amelio behind in the race to get followers.


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