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Who Is Kiani Phoenix? NYC Driver killed Disabled Man Charged With Murder, CCTV Footage Video


NYC Woman, who recently smashed a differently abled man on the sidewalk has come up with her statement. The attorney of the accused woman is stating that the accused woman was aiming at the younger sister of her abusive ex-boyfriend. The accused has been identified as 26 years old Kiani Phoenix.

Kiani Phoenix

On Wednesday 31 August, Kiani Phoenix’s attorney stated her client is a victim of brutal Domestic Violence. The attorney stated that her client Kiani has suffered a massive amount of abuse from her ex-boyfriend. The attorney stated that Kiani’s ex-boyfriend used to assault brutally both mentally and physically. Attorney even revealed that Kiani even spent 18 months in a mental institution for treatment. According to the Reports, Kiani was driving a black Honda sedan and she smashed a differently abled man who was sitting on a bench on the sidewalk. The victim Differently abled victim, couldn’t survive the hitting by Kiani’s car.

The lawyer further continued and stated that her client Kiani didn’t intend to kill the victim who lost his life. The deceased victim has been identified as 56 years old Milton Storch. He was sitting on a walker on the sidewalk when Kiani smashed her black Honda Sedan onto him. This brutal and tragic incident happened outside Rohan Deli on Beach 20th Street near Haven Avenue. Her lawyer stated that Kiani is extremely sorry for what she did. The lawyer stated that her client Kiani didn’t have any bad or malicious intentions for the deceased victim Milton Storch. Her lawyer stated that Kiani is extremely sorry and pained to know what she did.

Kiani Phoenix has been accused of second-degree manslaughter and fleeing the incident spot after committing the felony. Her attorney stated that Kiani had already filed 10 complaints regarding her abusive ex-boyfriend who brutally assaulted her. The lawyer even criticized the law enforcement officials and stated that this incident wouldn’t happen if her abusive ex-boyfriend was arrested. This whole incident was captured on a nearby CCTV camera. The deceased Milton Storch was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital for medical aid and treatment. Milton Storch couldn’t survive the injuries he suffered in the deadly collision with the car. The accident was very horrifying. Anyone who saw that footage clip will say the same. The innocent Milton had nothing to do with Kiani and he lost his life for no reason and that was to brutality. The case is currently being investigated. Reports have claimed that the next hearing of this case is being scheduled on 21 September. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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