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Who is Kim Scott? Eminem’s Ex-Wife Tried To Commit Suicide Check Kimberly Anne Scott Health Now


Very controversial news is coming in front of the people that the ex-wife of very famous rapper singer and songwriter Eminem tried to commit suicide. In view of her poor condition, she was admitted to the hospital so that, there was no danger to her life. Ever since the news came in front of everyone, it was quite surprising because what could be the reason behind such an act, everyone wants to know about it. So in the information given below, you can see the complete information as well as what the police said in this case also see.

Kimberly Anne Scott

As per the exclusive reports, Police said that when they arrived at the spot, they also found it difficult to stop Kim as she was becoming more violent. But there were some wounds on her leg and there were many blood stains on the floor too. It is also being told that Kim was admitted to the hospital so that, she can be thoroughly examined, and now she is gradually recovering. They tied a-knot in 1999 and after two years in 2001, they had to be separated due to some circumstances. But in 2006 they again decided to live together with their daughter Hailie Jade.

Kimberly Anne Scott was born on the 9th of January in 1975, and after marrying Eminem she became Anne Mathers. She was raised in Warren Michigan, USA, and presently her age is 46 years old, she did not unleash many things about her personal life. In short, she keeps it private and does not want to make anyone familiar with it, but for a couple of years, she is becoming the subject of discussion among the people due to conspiracies. She met Eminem when she was 13 years old and Eminem was 15 years old and both were dating each other during their school days.

The birth of Kim and her twin sisters was not easy as they had to live in a youth shelter to rescue their stepfather father. They had faced such worst circumstances and due to that their few years of life were fully loaded with troubles. There were also many such incidents that shook them and that is why everything is not very good in their life from the very beginning. But if we talk about Eminem, he has mentioned Kim many times in his song. We have mentioned such details which came as per the sources, so for further details connect with us. 



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