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Who Is KM Mani? Jose K Mani Son Arrested After Two Die In Car Accident Explained!


Today we are going to give you information about KM Mani and his son KM Mani Jr. who are getting in the headlines because of arrested news. Yes, they are arrested for negligent driving and arrest and involuntary manslaughter. Many people think that this is a rumor but went crazy and get offended when they hear this is true. however, people are curious to know whether this accident is intentional or unintentional and criticize them for this accident how can they be irresponsible and takes 2 people’s life? To know more about scroll down the page and continue to read.

Who Is KM Mani?

Many people have expressed their grief and prayed for those who died in the accident and for their families and the result of the tragedy which happened in Kerala.KM Mani Jr., the son of Kerala Congress (M) Leader Jose K Mani, was recently arrested after a car accident in which two people died. Who is he and why is he getting into the news? People ask continual questions. To know more about details drag down the page and continue to read.

Who Is KM Mani?

KM Mani expanded name is Jose K Mani he is the leader of Congress His son’s name is Kunjamani known as Km Mani Jr. and the grandson of the late Mani, a former finance minister in the Indian State of Kerala. Both are arrested for causing the accident and because of that 2 people were killed on the spot. The accident took place on the evening of Saturday on the Road between Manimala and Muvattupzha in Kerala. According to the police, The two riders on a scooter were hit by the car which was driven by Km Mani Junior and also his father leader of Congress KM Mani also in the car.

The accident happened on Karikatoor Pataliplav Hill. The victims who were killed at the spot after the accident were identified as Mathew John and Jin’s Johns. The accident occurred on Saturday around 6 pm. According to reports, this accident was captured on CCTV. Now both Km mani junior and his father were arrested after then when they found dead two brothers on the spot but now release on bail. The incident has caused disgrace among the public, with many people expressing their anger over the rage loss of life and calling for justice. Please stay safe and follow the law and rules. If we find any other updates related from this case we will inform you so stay tuned with us.


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