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Who Is Lamont Lee Lewis? Why Did He Shoot His Wife Tivona Fogg? Warrant Issued!


The recent Christmas was not special for everyone, as plenty of terrible incidents took place on the 25th of December 2022, and all of these were leading to the unfortunate passing of someone. Something similar is again catching the heat on social networking sites to such an extent, as Hampton police arrested a person who allegedly shot his wife dead with gunshots. Yes, you heard right, on Tuesday night, there are warrants on file for Lamont Lee Lewis’ arrest due to the lethal exploit he had made against Tivona Fogg. Below you can explore the further information you need to know.

Who Is Lamont Lee Lewis Why Did He Shoot His Wife Tivona Fogg Warrant Issued

Why Did He Shoot His Wife Tivona Fogg?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, initially, the couple had an ugly argument over the compatibility of misunderstandings, as their neighbor confessed during the interrogation session. Amid, a few shocking facts have been unveiled by them as well where the things were pointing towards the violent nature of Lamont Lee Lewis. Because it was not the first time, they got into a spat, prior to this, the two had crossed their all limits while fighting but no one had even imagined that their clash will turn lethal in a certain manner, that he will kill his own wife under the rage of his anger.

Who Is Lamont Lee Lewis?

Reportedly, Lamont Lee Lewis shot his wife multiple times unless she counted her last breaths as he made her chest pierced, as a few bullets have been stuck inside the chest bones as the medical team claimed. Later, the concerned authorities got acquainted with the incident, and thus, without any ado they reached the incident spot so that, they can get the evidence while detaining the defaulter. So, initially, they brought the dead body of the victim into their custody while seizing the gun and an entire house, so that, no one can go inside.

After investigating the entire house, Tivona Fogg, Lewis’ wife, was discovered with a gunshot wound to the chest, which was speaking out everything along with the intensity of the incident that how worst it was. Even, their daughter Lenora Fogg gave her statement to the concerned authorities too, and now on the basis of the statement, the further proceedings will be taking ahead by the police so that, the culprit could get the punishment. Because no one has a right to kill someone in a certain manner, when something will come to the fore we will update you, stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast


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