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Who Is Lauren Southern? YouTuber’s Parents Ban Sparks Backlash AirBnB Controversy Explained


It is coming forward that the parents of Lauren Southern were banned from Airbnb for vacationing at a rental property and now their daughter slammed Airbnb on her Twitter account. She is mostly known as a Canadian conservative activist and a popular Youtuber. This news is running and spreading like fire on the internet where so many people and users of the social media express their reactions on this news topic. There are so many of her loved ones and people raising various questions on this, so here we are going to share the complete information related to this topic and some more information related to her and this incident.

Who Is Lauren Southern YouTuber's Parents Ban Sparks Backlash AirBnB Controversy Explained

As per the exclusive news and information, Her parents werebanned from Airbnb as they were related to her and she shared this news on Wednesday 8 February 2023. She shared on her Twitter account which she said that “My parent was recently banned from Airbnb for being related to me”. She continue their words and said that her parents never booked anything for me and her parents didn’t represent me in any way and she also shared a screenshot that seems as an email from Airbnb that defines that her parents were banned from the Airbnb platform from being related with a person who is not allowed to use Airbnb.

Who Is Lauren Southern?

Her Tweet gained around more than 10 million views and later Airbnb claims that banning her parents is just a mistake. Airbnb apologized for this mistake and shared a statement and said that this mistake was done because of bad PR they had amassed. She is currently 27 years old and also known as a Canada-native. She finished her graduation with a degree in political science from the University of Fraser Valley and also directed some series Farmlands, Borderless, and Crossfire. She has a large number of fans on her social media accounts around 500,000 on her Twitter account and lots of people like her content and herself also.

There are so many people and users of social media who expressed their reactions after her Tweet and said that her loved ones are with her. This news went viral of her tweet in which Airbnb accepted their mistake and now this is confirmed that this was just a mistake. There are so many cases coming forward related to the block some account for their inaprociate and unacceptable performances on the internet and on thier social media page. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and exciting news topics.


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